Finding Pockets of Joy

Today is my birthday.

It’s funny how birthdays change as we get older, and even more so when we become parents with young children. Honestly? I kept forgetting my birthday was even coming! (If you would have told me that 10 years ago, I would have thought you were bat crap crazy by the way!) My expectations for huge birthday plans has dissipated and in it’s place I’ve found myself just looking for little spots of joy. Little things to be thankful for especially today.

Pockets of joy.

They may not be big or noteworthy, just pocket size most times, but worth noticing and smiling for.

A free coffee.

The sheer delight on my children’s faces as they sing happy birthday to me, with the littlest one forgetting some of the words.

The warm sun after days and weeks of gloom and rain.

Kids curled up “reading” new library books.

Chirping birds narrating my quiet time.

A three year old actually loving her dentist visit instead of the spastic, fear-filled reaction for which I was mentally preparing.

An arm around each kiddo as we read together, and the help of the eldest to turn the pages when necessary.

Amazing children’s literature.

The list could go on and on.

Today could have been easy for me to focus on all the negatives, or the things that have not gone as planned. But finding these pockets of joy today has rewired my thinking and my heart.

It’s only halfway over, my birthday that is, and already I call it wonderful.